Saturday, August 30, 2014

Altered Cigar Boxes

Good Morning to all my lovely crafty friends,

Recently I purchased a number of cigar boxes that I thought would be great to alter as gifts as well for sale...

I really loved altering these boxes and will hopefully alter plenty more....

I really hope you enjoy looking at my work!!!

Well thats it from me today friends!!

Keep on Crafting!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

20th August 2014 Day 5

20th August 2014

Today is my last day of the Grateful challenge...

Day 5 

1. I am so Grateful that the cities, in which we choose to live have Committee's for Access and Inclusion so that we can live Harmoniously...

2. I am so vey grateful for cameras so we can take photos, of our babies as they grow, and so we have memories....

3. I am so grateful for the clean air we breathe and the beautiful place in which we live.... 

Well thats it from me today friends!!

Keep on Crafting!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 4.

Hello my crafty Friends!

Today is Day 4. of my Grateful challenge

1. I am grateful that we have a good public health system in Australia, and even though there are some waiting times for surgery, its still free...

2. I am grateful for having a reliable car that will last us well....

3. I am grateful for the awesome roads we have in Australia, and there are not a lot of places we can't go where we would like to...

Well thats it from me today friends!!
Keep on Crafting!!!

Day 3

Hello to all my lovely Crafty Friends
I was unwell yesterday to add to my Grateful list so I am doing two lots today....

1. I am so so Blessed and Grateful to all the amazing friends I have made through my craft and neighbours...

2. I am Grateful that I don't have to answer to someone for every thing I do whether its good or not, and that I don't go home to a jealous family member...

3. I am so Grateful that I have wonderful neighbours that always look out for us if something goes wrong...

Feeling very grateful!!!

Keep on Crafting!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 2

1. I am so very grateful and blessed that I wake up each and everyday, and that millions and millions don't get the chance.

2. I am so very grateful and blessed that I have a roof over my head and am curled up warm at night with a lovely doona on me and a pillow under my head...

3. I am so very grateful and blessed that I am healthy and happy when so many people don't have the chance to be...

 Feeling very Grateful!!!

Keep on Craft!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Feeling very grateful

I was nominated by my friend Archana Joshi to do 5 days of 3 things I am grateful for and each day I have to nominate 2 new people. Today is day 1 of 5. If you have already been nominated then please disregard. I nominate Iris Herd and Debbie Ellis
I am grateful for:
Day 1 
1. I am so very grateful for the beautiful healthy and happy children I have, I love you both to the moon and back and I am so very blessed to have you both Rochelle and Brendan.

2. I am so very grateful for having such a loving, caring, handsome Husband Robert and I love you to the moon and back, and I am so grateful and blessed to be able to say that you are mine.

3. I am so very grateful of the 2 beautiful, carers and best friends, that help me in my daily living and I love you both to the moon and back and I am so grateful, for the help you give me Rachel & Kerry. Thank you both. —

Feeling very grateful!!!

Keep on Crafting!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Shabby Chic

Saturday 2nd August 2014

Good Morning My Crafty Friends!!

Just another quick Shabby Chic card for you this morning to share with you all...
and I hope that you are all finding some time to be a little creative, this lovely sunny weekend... 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of this glorious weekend, and all do something creative in some way!!!

Please feel free to leave me some comments...

Keep on Crafting!!!

Shabby Chic Card

Friday 1st August 2014

Another Shabby Chic Card

A new Card for you all to see today, and I have been working on several project, and I have a ripper to show on Sunday so keep and eye out for that...

So what happen in your creative world this week end??

Keep on Crafting!!