Sunday, May 11, 2014

Recycled Flower Collection Draw...

Hello my Friends, Its time to do the Draw for the Recycled flower competition...
I would I like to thank everyone one that liked shared and guessed what sort of material I had used to make them...

I have collected all of the names from the shares and comments
1. Von Evans
2. Morgan Pym
3. Maria Smith
4. Geraldine Minson
5. Becaboo Crafts
6. Lisa Hugginson
7. Donna Salter
8. Jane Qualmann
9. Wendy Armatige
10. Sue Darch
11. Donna Bloedow
12. Rowena Smith
13. Suzanne Taylor Barrow
14. Joanne Brennan
15. Kerry Atherton
16. Martine Rasmussen
17. Kathy Ashford Wenborn
18. Iris Herd
19. Tamara Geyer
20. Izzabella Sayer
21. Ti Ni
22. Alva Liebella
23. Svala Macfarelone
24. Tracey Mokrzcki
25. Rikki Graziani
26. Cejay Smith
27. Angie Rummeny
28. Enda Enid
29. Julie Richardson
30. Vicky Houley
31. Stacey Kirasic
With out further ado I will , get someone kindly do a random draw for me please, for the first 5 draws please.... 

Robert Littlebang Alman Wife asked me to run the Random number generator and selct 5 numbers...
I will post them in a minute..So hang tight, and the winners are 5 - 24 - 1 - 12 - 30

Becaboo Crafts,  Von Evans, Tracey Mokrzcki, Rowena Smith, and  Vicky Houley... could you all pm me your addresses please....

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