Monday, September 8, 2014

The Monday Creative Blog Tour

Hello Everybody and Happy Monday

I've been invited by Wendy to join the Creative Blog Tour. 

The tour is full of blogs by incredibly talented and creative 
people, writers, artists, scrapbookers, needle artists ..... and
more. And, they are all sharing a little bit of their 
creativeness. I'm a Cardmaker/Scrapbooker/Altered 
Artist but have more recently been delving into other 
forms of mixed media art. 
Now it's my turn to share with you a little about my 
creative process.

1. What am I working on?

To enter the occasional challenge of blogs I like to 
follow, and I have wanted to send in a few pieces that I 
have made in the past to a few magazines, but have 
never had the courage to do so.... 
I definitely want to have the courage to submit at 
least one of my projects for publication. Here's a 
little peek of some of my latest work.
I cased from the very talented Gabrielle Pollacco,
and this would definitely not be this piece that I would 
submit to a magazine..
This piece was made from the inspiration of a very talented 
lady Narelle Harrison...

2. How does my work differ from others of it's genre?

I suppose my work only differs from other depending on 
the mood I am in and what the piece is that 
I am working on, at that present time... Like the Altered 
Cigar Box in the examples above at the beginning, is 
Shabby Chic, and the Altered Journal above, is more 
Mixed Media, but if I am making a Card, I am more 
Shabby Chic, and then if I am doing a LO, I am more
on the Grunge/Distressed side of Paper crafting and I 
love dabbling into more and more of the Mixed Media 
side of things...

3. Why do I create what I do?

My process depend totally on what I am creating at 
the time, so if I am creating a LO I will look at,  what
why and where and also if it is a commissioned piece or 
not, (more often then not its for my album, then I look at 
what the challenges are at the time on my fave blogs....) 
or if it is my own, I know what its for, why is it a 
special occasion  i.e. birthday wedding or anniversary, 
if its of children or adults, and where the photos are 
taken... With all this information I know the whole 
basis and background of all the information I need 
except is it female or male... 
Then I look at the papers I intend using, and keeping in 
mind any specific colour requests or are prominent in 
the photos, then hopefully with this process the creative 
juices are flowing, once I look at the papers and photos 
if then I have no success with this process, I will find a few 

challenges on my favourite blogs or a sketch... 

If all else fails look at the expressions on the faces in 
the photos and go from there....

 4. How does my creative process work?

I originally started scrapbooking, when my second 
child was born, 
as I had so many photos, I had developed and
decided that scrapbooking was the was to document 
all the milestones of the children's lives, and it also 
gave me a creative outlet as I had alway done a craft 
of some type all my life...It was another way to deal 
with depression as well, as give me a sense of self 
worth and helped me deal with loosing my own 
Independence, when I had to give up driving and 
became wheelchair bound all in a short space of 
time due to my health...

Well that's a little about me. Now I'm looking forward 
to us creative bloggers continuing on into the blogosphere 
so I am going to nominate Archana Joshi and Jennifer Waugh 
to keep the ball rolling next Monday the 15th September.

Archana is a talented paper crafter and the owner of Crafty City 
and is also on several Design Teams Memory Box, Heartfelt 
Creations and Die-Versions Design plus several Facebook 

Jen is a very talented crafter that has been on a few Design Teams, 
like Megs Garden and her latest feet by getting a DT member for 

Thank you for stopping by.

Keep on Crafting!!!!


  1. Fabulous Rhonda. Thanks so much .... now we'll travel on into the blogosphere. :)

  2. Gorgeous, I like it!!!! Kisses

  3. Hi hon, ...I can see by your blog posts that you are a very talented and creative person. While normally I dont have a problem with people scraplifting my designs (I share my tutorials so people can imitate my designs), ...I just find it a little worriesome that you mention that you want to submit this work to magazines. Magazines are very strict about the work they print as being your own original designs. I do think you should submit your own work though, its lovely. I hope you take my comment in the spirit it was given. I totally get what you are saying about how being creative lifts the spirits, I feel the same way, so keep on scrapping and enjoying your venture into mixed media. xo

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Gabrielle I at no time mentioned that if I did have the courage to submit to a magazine did I state that I was going to submit that one piece, that I cased... I have reworded my post so that you or anyone else does not take my post the wrong way...

  4. Sorry hon if I misunderstood. I didn't want to discourage you from submitting to magazines or from enjoying this form of crafting, just wanted to make sure you don't get in trouble with the magazines. xo xo

  5. Totally loving your blog Rhonda, you are truly one very talented and artistically creative lady! How about a tutorial or instructions for the Christmas pinwheel if possible please? Good luck and keep on craftin'


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